Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bonus Day Off

So. My day started well! I went to work, and worked for a full 7.5 hours. I felt proud of myself, I'm not able to do many of those lately. I came home and chilled, ate, played spyro. Went to true blood. Cal left the tv room when I entered, which worried me. True blood itself was good. I went to talk to her afterward, but she was distant and it was awkward. I sad goodnight and I left. She was playing the guitar and singing, and it was heartbreakingly beautiful. There's so much incredible inside of her that I wasn't inspiring.

Later Greg came over and we watched tv and caught up and made nachos. I really appreciated having someone here to converse with. I think my issues with Cal are that I'm so lonely right now. No one really asks about my day, or remembers happenings in my life.

My boss gave me tomorrow off, so I'm gonna catch up with someone else who is moving away this month. I have 4 friends leaving, 4 friends who I wish I'd cared more about earlier. I'm starting to realize that. I'm happy I have tomorrow off, but that doesn't bode well for my review in the fall ...

My heart is curious, it wants to grow
To search for another soul to love
For that connection, that bond.
Of trust, passion, and love.

The heart shrinks, steps back in time.
A time when things were different, happy.
My wistful gaze turns to tears and sorrow,
What I love, no longer mine.

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