Monday, August 8, 2011

Apparently I haven't updated since May. My bad ... time has been flying! Working almost full time now. I still come in at 10 or 11 some mornings, and leave a little early once in a while. I really liked working 1-5 though. It didn't interfere with my life outside work. Now my life revolves around work. As most peoples' do, but I liked it the other way around.

I upped my medication in July, and am still adjusting. I feel like things have been pretty rocky. I'd like to think its the medication. For a couple days in July I missed work and spend it with Cal and her sisters. I cried throughout the day, though.

I did get up to see my cousin Jessica twice though. I went up once for Jellopalooza, and I got my hair cut. I love my haircut!!! I love that about Jessica, she seems to know exactly what I want before even I know. I enjoyed Jellopalooza, although I kept on having issues and had to be by myself for a bit. I kept missing my wrestling time, and only ended up fighting once. I was pretty embarrassed that I went missing.

I got to go camping for the [august] long weekend at Gooseneck Lake, where we were in 2010. It was super gorgeous there. It rained for an entire day, but I had fun exploring with my car. I got to dance naked in the rain, and smoke to my hearts content. I also became known for being missing. I got to spend some quality time with my extended family, which was nice. A couple of my relatives (in their 50's) asked where my partner was, and that she was definitely welcome to any family events. It was really nice to hear that, especially with my Mom's slow support (its her side of the family).

My parents visited while camping, and I was talking about the Van Pride Parade. My mom shushed me, saying my grandparents didn't know about my partner. It was just very frustrating overall. She said something like, "Well there's no 'straight' parade". I had to explain to her that every other day straight people can parade around and be confident they won't run into difficulties.

I think I've started to realize with working so much I need more personal time. Lately, especially while house-sitting, I've wanted to just sit down with a video game and smoke and be chill.

Anyways, I'm gonna post later. I'd like to find an ipod app from which I can post, it'd make my life so much easier!

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