Monday, April 11, 2011

Free-Write Day 2

I had quite a wonderful day. I just got home from visiting with a great friend G, and another good friend C. I almost consider C an older brother. I was thinking about it on the way home, and I feel like I could tell him anything, and get great advice, or just a hug and some comfort. Even though we haven't been close for a super long time, I feel like we're becoming long-time friends.

We watched Scrubs, and I'd never seen the show but liked it! Delish pasta was made, with an okay salad and garlic bread! Yum yum yum. Had an interesting conversation with G. Lots of drama, but I found it verrrrry interesting. I'm definitely learning from her mistakes.

I'm finding it hard to push myself through this today. I just want to sit and do my nails and watch weeds. I get to see my lovely lady tomorrow, so I want to make sure they are in top condition. Not sure of the colour that they shall be yet. I might just remove my current polish and cut them tonight. Paint them in the morning, along with showering and such.

I had a fantastic ride today! I rode to school and back, 40 minutes each way. Along with my ride yesterday, my pubic bone (?) is quite sore, but hopefully Cal will be sympathetic. I really do love to ride my bike. I feel so powerful, its amazing what the body can do. I flew by a bunch of cars stuck in traffic, which felt great. There were a few evil hills, but I beat them! I rode the entire way, but only walked up half my driveway, instead of the whole way. Wait till you see it before you judge :P

I had an appointment at school about career/ job searching. It was kinda helpful, but I know I have to put a lot of work into it. He recommended doing an "informational meeting" where you call the company up and ask to meet with someone to learn more about the company and the industry. He gave me a couple companies to contact, so that might be my next step. I feel like I do have an advantage being in electronics. I'm young, and not jaded with bad work habits. I have 2 great references behind me. I am a very good people person, something that the average electronics person lacks. I'm a relatively good technologist too. I just don't want to settle for something, not like it, and quit. I really liked the job I had last year, but I don't want to go to them before I know I want to be there long term.

I kinda wish I could get a random job for May-June, then have July-August off to party and exercise and visit and have fun. A couple people from school got jobs at lush, and I'm jealous! In a silly way. I always dreamed of working there, but I think I'd get bored, and I don't like to push myself on people and they tend to do that. I'd like to try being the manager. I've never done anything like that though. I think I might try and work in some experience for that into volunteer work. I feel like thats a good way to try something out casually, and it looks great on a resume.
Apparently the local library was looking for people to teach basic computer skills. I thought about doing that, but I'm not the most patient person in the world. Again, it would look great on a resume, and I can see it feeling great to help people learn important skills.

I hope I sleep well tonight. Lately I've been sleeping like crap when I'm at home, but I think I go to bed, but then stay awake talking to people for an hour, and get very warm, and then I'm unable to sleep. Also, I find having awesome and interesting discussions makes it tough to sleep. So, just weeds and nails for me.

Tomorrow I get to see my baby cousin, which is super exciting. I've never been a baby person, but I can see the draw of having one after spending time with him. He is really freakin' cute. And then DATE NIGHT! And, we're going to watch the federal debate, how studious of us :P I'm pretty excited to have her attention all to myself for one evening, it will be magical!

Now to wrap up. I should probably post tomorrow, but I'm not sure what I'll talk about. I will contemplate that. I suppose this [the blog] is for Cal originally, but I think it would be a useful tool for me to look back on, and track my feelings. So far I haven't had any really bad upset moments. I think that might be difficult to blog about, and to look back upon in shame the next day. But, like goes on, and so will my blogging.

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